How to the get to studio

Rebecca Lassiter Photography Studio is located in the beautiful River Market, KCMO at the Delaware Lofts. The parking lot is right next to the building, directly in front of The Breakout KC. Parking in the lot is limited, however there is decent parking on the street in front of the Delaware Lofts and on 3rd St. 

The Delaware Lofts is a red brick building, with solid red on the bottom half the building and red brick on top. When you get here you will walk through the main doors and you will come upon a secured door with a dial pad on the wall. You will see my studio name listed, dial that number and I will buzz you in. You can take the elevator to floor two and take a left to 201 or you can go up the stairs to floor 2 and my studio door is right through the floor 2 doors. You will see a little golden Hello sign on my door. 

If you are a person who needs navigation, like me. Copy and paste my address into your navigation. 

218 Delaware; Kansas City, MO 64105