Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of common questions and answers

Do you use flash? 

Sometimes. I don't prefer to use flash during my sessions but if it will create the perfect look for the image, I will use it. My primary source of light comes from the sun, even in my studio. I have six large windows that have loads of scrumptious lighting. If I need to add more light, I use large studio constant lights.

I want to schedule my childs birthday photos. What type of session do I schedule that under? 

Most birthday sessions will fall under family portrait sessions. If you have a very specific idea in mind for your session contact me so we can customize a package for your needs. 

Where do you hold your sessions?

My sessions are in my studio, unless otherwise noted. My studio address is 218 Delaware, Studio 201; Kansas City, MO 64105. That being said, I love photographing all over the place so lets get creative and find a really cool spot for your session.

Do you photograph events? 

Yep! I love photographing lots of different genre and events. Outside of weddings, I have been hired to photograph everything from birthday parties, baby showers, prominant funerals and other social engagements. 

Do you do mini sessions? 

No, but I do host specialized sessions that are unique and very limited. Each year I offer Christmas Santa Exclusive Sessions and Easter Bunny & Chick Sessions. These sessions are 30-40 minutes long but are packed with lots of fun and adorable photos come out of them. Each client will get a mix of posed and documentary style photos from these sessions. 

My kid does not like their photo taken and won't smile, can you get kids to smile? 

About 98% of the time, during these sessions I can get kiddos to smile. I try to create a fun atmosphere where my clients of all ages feel comfortable being themselves, I give everyone time to relax and get silly. One of the most important things to remember is that we can't force someone to smile and the more we tell them to smile the more they won't. There are so many other ways to get the perfect smile out of someone. 

I have no idea what to wear or how to put outfits together. Can you help?

Yes! I would love to help you coordinate your wardrobe. I often have clients send me pieces they are pairing together or they take me shopping with them to pick out the perfect pieces. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I offer interest free payment plans where you get to decide when and how much you want to pay each month. Once you have fully paid your balance off an order for your prints and product will be placed and you will recieve your online gallery.