Meet Phoebe Jane

I want to introduce you guys to an incredible boutique I have been working with, Phoebe Jane. This female-driven boutique is the blood, sweat, and tears of the owner Loretta Stewart who has turned her passion into the amazing boutique. She hand picks pieces that are unique, flattering and versatile. As we get closer to our one year mark of working together, I am excited to see her business coming to life. As a photographer, expanding my portfolio to professional gigs has been a lot of fun, too. It’s one thing to photograph a family snuggling together and making memories, but it’s another thing to photograph and help build a recognizable brand for an up-and-coming business, keeping things fresh and new and on-point to share her vision. It’s been a genuine honor to be a part of this, getting to see the brand come to life from behind the lens while also working with some incredible talent as part of the process. Working with the brand has been an inspiration and a reminder to always go for your dreams. I’m so excited to see just how things grow and evolve.

It was hard to choose, but here are a few of my favorite photos from her collection.

Phoebe Jane Striped Shirt, Bell Sleeves
Phoebe Jane Sweatshirt and Ring
Phoebe Jane Casual Wear
Phoebe Jane Party Wear
Phoebe Jane Dressed Up Looks
Phoebe Jane Cocktail Mini Dress

There are so many more amazing shots and pieces from the Phoebe Jane collection this is just a taste. We recently competed the fall photo shoot so there are a lot of new and beautiful offerings on her site. With everything from beautiful clothing to gorgeous accessories and shoes, there really is something for everyone! If you want to see more and buy from this amazing lady and company, please go to their website at Let me know what you think!