Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

With these simple tips, you will be able to narrow down the list to choose your perfect wedding photographer.

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A weddings is one of the most important moments in your life and, for many people, capturing that special day in beautiful photographs is a high priority. These are photos that you will have for a lifetime, as well as pass on to future generations as part of their history.  But with many photographers offering wedding photography as well as the constraints of your own wedding budget, how do you go about finding the right wedding photographer?

I frequently see people desperately searching for a wedding photographer either at the last minute or, more commonly, for the lowest price possible. I also see people who booked the least expensive photographer they could find expressing dissatisfaction with the experience and their photographs with the concerns ranging from not getting enough photos to truly hating every image because they didn't look "professional." These situations break my heart, which is why as a photographer, I have some tips and guidance to share in the hope that no one will come away from their wedding disappointed in their photographs.

  • First, you need to trust and be comfortable with your photographer. That means that as a client, you need to be able to meet face-to-face before signing any contracts and build a rapport with the photographer as a person. Your photographer needs to blend seamlessly into your wedding day, but they also need to be a source of support as well as weddings are big, emotional events. Having the person documenting your day be supportive and reassuring is incredibly helpful. You also want a photographer who respects your wedding. Anytime I shoot a wedding, I feel like it's a huge honor to be part of my client's day. This emotional investment allows me to best capture the precious moments of the wedding day.  
  • Second, you need be realistic about both your budget and what you can expect within that budget. Yes, there are talented photographers out there who will shoot a wedding for $300, but those photographs will not be of the same quality of a photographer who charges $3000.  This is not to say a less expensive photographer is bad, just that there is a difference in experience and that is always reflected in the photographs. But if you have a small budget and want better photographs, how do you manage that? To start, you want to be up front with your photographer about your budget and what you want to do with the images. While most photographers have set wedding packages, many can build a package that is custom-fit to your own unique needs. Also, do not be afraid to ask about payment plans. I personally am happy to offer payment plans to my clients so that they can get everything they want of their special day. To an extent, this is also why it's so important to have that relationship with your photographer. A photographer invested in you and your day will be happy to work with you as you invest in timeless art to display in your home.
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In the end, though, the most important tip I have is to be certain of your choice of photographer. Love their style, love their personality, get to know them and be honest with them (and yourself.) Your wedding is an incredibly special day that you only get one chance to capture, forever, in photos.