A Tale Like No Other

The Storybook Album

Rebecca Lassiter Photography Storybook Album


After years in the making I am truly proud and excited to present The Personal Storybook, a new offering from Rebecca Lassiter Photography.

Imagine reading a bedtime story to your child. Now imagine reading your child a bedtime story where they are the star, one where they see their own image reflected. I talk a lot about how photographs are a way to tell your family's personal story and a way to create a documented history to pass on to future generations. The Storybook is a unique, special way to tell that story that not only creates a record but is a piece of living history. 

Each storybook is a truly unique tale, one that you customize to tell your own story. It which includes photographs of your choosing -- family, your child, children, the options are limitless -- as well as a personalized story based on your family. The images for the storybook can be taken in up to three sessions or as little as one, focused session. You have complete control of the story you want to tell and the images you want to share. The Storybook featured here was created over the course of three sessions, Maternity, Newborn and First Birthday.

And the Storybook isn't limited to just children. I can created them for weddings, grandparents, the only limit is your imagination.

Each custom, handcrafted 10-page Storybook Album is $1,600. Extra pages are an additional cost. If you choose to turn your photography session into a Storybook, your $200 session fee will be applied to cost of the Storybook.

Whether you want to create a book out of one session or not is up to you. Each session can be tailored to match your storybook theme. Each session is $200 and that $200 goes towards the cost of your Storybook. 

What is your story? Contact me and let me help turn your vision into reality.