Top 15 Netflix Watchlist - Fall 2016

The 15 Must Watch Shows on Netflix, 2016

Since a majority of my job, involves me creating, networking, marketing, website building and editing, all on my computer, I find myself going through a list of different routines. I get into my music listening routine where I pick a genre and have it play nonstop. Then, I go through times where I listen to podcasts all of the time. I also listen to audiobooks and Lastly, I binge watch Netflix. Because my current mode is Netflix I will share my must watch series, in no real order because I loved them each very much.

1. New Girl - It's a comedy that is super silly, yet intelligent. The show makes me laugh really loud and there are some very attractive and adorable people on the show. :) Thank you, Tay Diggs *wink wink*

2. Mad Men - I knew this show had won a ton of awards, but I didn't want to try something based off of awards shows. I was probably not ready for it, but I am super glad I watched it. It is not child-friendly because of its adult content but it is very beautifully done and I near cried when it ended.

 3. White Collar - This silly show was one I was super hesitant but I LOVED it. I did not want it to ever end and I loved the brilliance of it, even with its tad bit of cheesiness.

 4. Revenge - I did not love the opening credits of this show, but I did love the show. I wanted things to end differently but I was hooked for the whole thing. 

5. The Midwife - A completely different theme but it is so very perfect, minus all of the birthing scenes. A scene I don't mind, but sometimes I could pass on it. 

6. Breaking Bad - This is my ALL time favorite show, ever. I can not say anything bad about it. I don't quite understand people who don't like it. 

7. House of Cards - I really love this show and wish I had not watched it so fast. 

8. Sherlock - I really love this show, again, I wish there had been more episodes. 

9. Orange is the New Black - I didn't need to rush into this one because it's pretty popular and often said. 

10. Stranger Things - another favorite show for people, if you can, wait until another season is uploaded because it would be good to have more listening time with it. 

11. Person of Interest - I recently ended this one and it was pretty flawless as well. 

12. The Blacklist - I am super excited for the next season to upload to Netflix.

13. House - I believe I cried at the end of this. I did not want it to end.

14. Wentworth - This was way better than I gave it credit for. It is the dirty version of Orange is the New Black. 

15. The Get Down - I adore this show. It is pretty friggen amazing. I wish it got more credit. 


What are your must watch shows?