Lifestyle Photography

I kind of want to cry because winter has truly arrived.  I do not like to be cold.  I am the person who needs sunshine, who wants to be outside watching my kids play on the swing set, taking walks after dinner.  I have found some beautiful spots to photograph and I want spring to come quickly so I can take my clients to these amazing sites and help them create amazing images to keep for a lifetime. That being said.  It is winter and Lifestyle photography is the perfect thing to explore during the winter.

What is Lifestyle Photography?

It is photography that is generally captured in the clients home, non posed and with out stress

The house is the backdrop, usually parents bedroom or kids bedroom, living room (get creative with space)

What kind of Pictures do you take in these sessions?

Take pictures of kids reading, parents reading to kids, kids reading to siblings, kids and pets, kids playing with toys,

bath time *with lots of bubbles and nothing exposed, safety first* 

These pictures are a snapshot of a day in the client in their home. Ironically the kids tend to mind better and be on their best behavior during these sessions. I had a mom jokingly ask me to stay once because her kiddo was acting so good while I was there.

Benefits of Lifestyle Photography?

Less Stress - No one is running around worried they left something at home for the photo shoot

When the kids get hungry, which is inevitable, you are home and can get them a snack

If they want to get a toy, they can, they are home

If they need a bottle, a diaper change, are being potty trained and you are concerned about the traveling during this time... you are home.

Are all photographers created equal?

Nope, no we aren't. Just like with any trade some specialize in a certain area of the trade than the other. You need to look at their work. Some times you will find that a photographer is new to the world of photography as business and their work is growing. Make sure their work is GROWING, IMPROVING. If they are and you LOVE their work then make sure they understand indoor lighting.

Just because someone charges a lot of money does NOT mean they are the best or are good for that matter, so do your home work.

Same with the opposite. Just because someone isn't expensive doesn't mean they aren't creating lovely works of art. 

You need to look at their work and see if you like what they are doing. 

Also, message them, call them, or email them and see how they are with communication. If they are easy to talk to then, good. If you feel like they are hard to reach or you difficult to communicate with then maybe they aren't someone you want to do business with.

I would love some feedback, have you done a Lifestyle shoot? What was your experience?