How to Attract More Customers & Set Your Business Apart

Everyone needs a photographer!

As an entrepreneur myself I have ridden the customer acquisition roller coaster. When I leaped into this career I wasn't prepared for where it would take me, those whom I would meet and what types of photography might find me.

During this journey, I have found out that Kansas City is a hub for entrepreneurs, free thinkers, creative types, artists and people who push the limits of what already exists. I find this to be excruciatingly exciting. We have some amazing things happening. 

What this also means, though, is, you are not alone.

There are a lot of:  

T-shirt companies, new coffee shops, restaurants, bakers, stylists, MUA... basically the list is endless.

How will you stand out from being just another one of those guys? 

Photography. Yes, I know, clearly I would say that, but most companies just focus on the product.

They will pose them as a stand-alone object or in a group.


However, what a lot of business-minded people forget is that most buyers want to be connected to great things. A connection can happen by simply seeing the maker, creator, thinker, or business person in action perfecting their craft and living the dream. When someone can see the tedious labor put into the craft, they are more likely to be repeat customers.

What I can do for you!

My job is to capture businesses from a rare vantage point, behind the scenes.

  •  Photographing the creation in progress in a documentary, lifestyle setting.
  •  Telling a story with photography is not only cost effective over a video but the photos themselves are more versatile. 

They can be used for:

  • printed materials
  • online business needs on your website and blog
  • As well as on all of your social media, which has become a huge marketing tool. 


All types of photos are important for your brand. You are what already sets yourself apart from everyone else, so share it! With high quality, personalized images!