Makeup By Nicole Drum

RebeccaLassiterPhotography Nicole blue.jpg

There are two things that I have always loved: makeup and photography. Some of my earliest memories of my mother taking photos and me getting into trouble for getting into her makeup. It was only natural that when I grew up I'd find myself drawn to these arts so my partnership with Rebecca Lassiter Photography is truly the realization of a lifelong dream.

I'm a Bobbi Brown Cosmetics trained makeup artist with five years of professional artistry experience. I truly believe that all women are beautiful and that makeup is just a tool to help enhance that beauty. My personal philosophy is that makeup should make a woman look like the best version of herself and that is what I bring to my work. I do makeup for special events, photography, weddings and also help people simply refresh their every day look and believe that feeling good about yourself is something everyone deserves, no matter their budget or schedule.

But you won't just see me behind the makeup brush. In addition to makeup services I'm also Rebecca's business partner. You might find me assisting on set, responding to client inquiries, or even behind the lens working as a second photographer for large events. No matter what role I'm in my goal is to make every person I meet come away from the moment feeling happy, truly seen, and most of all, beautiful.

For more information and services, please contact me here.