The Kansas City Boudoir Workshop

Boudoir photography is hot right now -- and that's not a witty pun. The number of clients who are requesting boudoir sessions increases every day, but even as client interest rises there are many of us photographers who either aren't quite sure how to shoot boudoir or would like to get a little more experience, so they can offer unique, and stylized sessions that are truly an experience for their clients. That's why we are starting a series of boudoir photography workshops.

  April's Theme: Henna Body Art  

April's Theme: Henna Body Art 

Learn alongside two of Kansas City’s published and highly-rated photographers, as well as Kansas City’s leading industry model, Bella Donna. Together we will teach you a hands-on approach to shooting boudoir and giving your clients that unique one of a kind experience. Isabella specifically will be there to professionally coach the models and photographers on how to interact safely, pose proficiently, and really maximize on your time not only with each featured model every month, but in your own professional sessions as well.

Each workshop will feature a different model and will last 4 hours. The workshops include not just education and instruction on how to shoot boudoir or improve your skills, but will also include a hands-on experience for photographers to try out the things they've learned as well as receive tips and critiques in real time. After each 4-hour workshop, an additional 2-hour concept shoot will be offered so that photographers can not only learn even more about boudoir style, but also have the opportunity to put their new skills to work in a truly one of a kind, portfolio-building session. These 2-hour additional concept shoots will have a different theme each workshop and will give you the chance to work with various professional models of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels.

These workshops can be taken in a series, or individually. The workshops are not just for beginners wanting to break into this stunning art form, but also those who consider themselves experienced in boudoir photography who are looking for continued growth and creativity in their work.

Each workshop is $200 for 4 hours of education and hands on learning, with classes limited to seven photographers per workshop. The stylized concept shoots offered after each workshop cost an additional $100 for 2 hours of professional model instruction as well as use of the models, the studio lighting, props, and backdrops. The stylized concept shoots are limited to three photographers so that each photographer may have adequate time to use their own unique posing and ideas.

  May's Theme: Pillow Fight

May's Theme: Pillow Fight

May's Feature:
May's workshop and concept shoot will be on 05/26/2018, @11AM with the theme of a pillow fight. (Names of the Model(s) taking part in this workshop to be announced.)

How to Book Your Spot:
A 50% deposit books your spot for the workshop. If you’d like to take one of the exclusive three spots in the concept shoot, the additional $100 is due at the time of booking.

Schedule your spot in a workshop by May 19th and get a special offer from Rebecca Lassiter Photography, Belle Lueur Boudoir, and Bella Donna. 

These workshops will fill up quickly, so be sure to book yours today by filling out the KC Boudoir Workshops Form and Pay a $100 non-refundable deposit.